Multi Purpose Blue Light Blocking Glasses Side Cover Eyeglasses Frame Anti Blue Ray Computer Game Glasses for Eye Protection R01

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☞【Eyes Protection & Clear Vision】 :Like night filter on your phone, the lens in the blue light glasses block out blue wavelengths before your eyes perceive them. Different from normal one,our blue light blocking glasses perfectly block harmful blue light and UV400 from digital screens, protect eyes from computer visual syndrome (eyes losing focus, blurred vision,ophthalmic acid, bulging,fatigue,headache etc), bring you fabulous visual experience.
☞【Environmental & High Performance】:Features with reusable and wear-resistant, ultra-light and low friction coefficient functions, our blue light blocking glasses women can use for a long time and save your money. Also,our blue light blocker glass can filter out 95% of harsh blue light from digital devices, which provide you healthy environment to focus on your work or game.
☞【Healthy Helper & Better Sleep】:Prolonged exposure to blue light can disturb the body’s biological clock, causing sleep disorders & mood swings. While blue light filter glasses designed with anti blue light glasses lens, perfectly block & absorb harmful blue light ray, keep mind pleasure. Blue light computer glasses help to reduce eyestrain & headache, let you enjoy a restful deeper sleep.
☞【Lightweight & Ergonomic Design】:Designed with eco-friendly plastic frame,proper space between eyes,clear glasses lens – No chromatic aberration visual experience,our blue light computer glasses for men will not add stress on your nose, fit for long-time wearing; Casual square eyewear design make you look professional and fashionable while working or reading.
☞【Nice Gift for Your Choice】:Eyes are the windows of mind. For your loved one, it’s deserved to be taken care of their health, our blue light blocking computer eyeglasses is the best gift for your parents, friends, senior and loved one.

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Computer Reading Glasses Blue Light Filter Glasses Anti UV Glare Eyestrain

From PC and smartphones to TV and e-readers, the tech-devices bring us many benefits for both work and pleasure. But these benefits come at a cost. The intense blue light emitted by these devices disrupts our sleep-wake cycle, energizing your brain and inhibiting melatonin production.

While blue-light blocking glasses can be your brain’s protection against strong blue light. Like the night filter on your phone,the lenses in these glasses block out blue wavelengths before your eyes perceive them. This keeps the blue light at bay, so it doesn’t interfere with your brain’s normal melatonin production. Wearing this blue light blocking glass perfectly improve your sleeping quality and keep beauty.

How are Blue Light Glasses Useful?

These Glasses can be used everywhere…

How do Blue Light Glasses Work?

What is dangerous blue light, and how it affects you?

Blue light is often referred to as (HEV) High-Energy Visible Light as it is a portion of the visible light spectrum with the highest energy. When you are overexposed to dangerous blue rays from artificial sources like digital devices, it keeps you awake and alert at night. The lack of light triggers the release of melatonin hormone to induce sleep by maintaining your circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, with the prolonged screen-time, you are subjected to overexposure of blue light at night. This disrupts your sleep cycle leading to even more health problems.

Additionally, high-energy visible rays have been associated with digital eye strain and even macular degeneration. Blue light blocking lenses provide excellent protection from HEV light, that’s why they are increasingly popular. But what exactly are blue light blockers, and what is it they do?


How do blue light blocking glasses work?

Blue light blockers are designed to block blue light and often UV rays. This means, if you wear them while looking at a digital screen, especially after dark, they will help reduce the exposure to these wavelengths that keep you awake at night. Additionally, they can help decrease digital eye-strain while you spend so many hours staring at a screen. In simple words, these types of glasses are a great way to reduce the negative effect of harmful blue rays like eye strain and insomnia that comes with excessive screen time.


Wearing blue light blocking glasses

Wearing blue light blockers for sleep is one of the best ways to limit your exposure to smartphone’s blue light. When you wear them at least three hours before bed, you can protect your eyes from high energy, short-wavelength rays that affect your sleep-wake cycle. In addition, they can increase your melatonin levels, resulting in improved sleep, health and productivity. And you can wear them throughout the day to get relief from digital eye strain.

How blue light affects migraine?

Well, migraine is one of the most common problems occur from blue light. Digital screens and electronic devices emit dangerous blue rays. And when you spend a lot of time in front of them, you are overexposed to this type of light that disrupts your sleep patterns at night. These devices and screens flicker, so they don’t provide a constant source of light. When you work on them, these artificial lights flicker and activate migraine also known for causing eye strain and headaches.

Blue blocking glasses are one of the most popular ways to eliminate migraine symptoms. These glasses are capable of blocking up to 59% of blue light. Therefore, when you wear them, you will get relief from migraine attacks and visual eye strain.

Why should you choose blue light blockers for migraine?

  • They are available for prescription and non-prescription
  • They block max 59% exposure to blue light to protect migraines
  • They come in numerous style and designs suit different looks and personalities
  • They reduce eye strain and insomnia problems also
  • They provide maximum protection from migraine and different types of severe headaches
  • They are suitable for contact lens wearers
  • They can be worn day or night while working on digital devices

7 reviews for Multi Purpose Blue Light Blocking Glasses Side Cover Eyeglasses Frame Anti Blue Ray Computer Game Glasses for Eye Protection R01

  1. Saurabh

    LOVE these!! I keep them at work and wear them to prevent headaches while staring at the computer all day. I have not gotten a single headache since starting to wear these. They also look great and I have gotten a bunch of compliments.

  2. Ravi Rajan

    Love these!! Got them because I am a student about to go to college school and needed a pair to help with eye strain while working on the computer. These are so CUTE!
    Also, they WORK great, the whole reason you want them anyway right? Have had them less than a week and I can already tell the difference. I almost want to be at my computer all day with how comfortable it is now to look at my screen.
    Definitely will recommend these to everyone. Can’t beat the price either!

  3. Shivani

    I work in front of a screen all day and had recently been getting headaches due to blue light exposure. You can clearly see the change when you put these on, and they’ve made a world of difference for me. And you can’t beat the price! Highly recommend!!

  4. Arif Sarang

    So far I’ve been impressed with these, especially for the price! I do ultrasound, so I work in the dark a lot, staring at my ultrasound machine, a computer, or my phone… my eyes have been so tired and blurry it’s been hard for me to focus in anything. I’ve only worn these for a day or two but I feel like they really have helped my eye fatigue. They seem to be pretty durable and stylish

  5. Anup Maurya

    These are fab!!!! I work on two computer screens everyday and awful room lights and I watch TV and constantly on my phone! They really help to make your eyes feel “ not sore or dry” very comfy on my nose and sides of my head. Had sooo many compliments on them. This is my second pair!!

  6. Dhiraj Gautam

    As a chronic headache sufferer i have tried multiple remedies to no avail but these glasses are fantastic. I now suffer a lot less than i used to, great value for money and i highly reccommend

  7. Sameer Shinde

    Amazing product. Great blue light filter glasses. Really comfortable and does a great job at keeping my eyes rested. It feels so comfortable to work now with these glasses on. Looks really good on me. Have received many compliments. Feels great quality and the case is super sturdy. So I don’t mind putting it in and thinking it will break. Super deal at this affordable price. Check out the pictures. Super awesome. Thumbs up. 👍🏻👍🏻

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